The Brickyard

by Florian Hoch from Jade Hochschule Oldenburg / Jade University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Tutored by: Prof. Dipl. Ing. Jürgen Arendt, Prof. Dr. Frank Schmitt

Author comments:

Jemgum is a local community in the administrative district Leer in Ostfriesland and lies in the Rheiderland. With just 4000 inhabitants is the contemplative municipality smallest on the East Frisian mainland. It is surrounded by Dollart in the west and by the Ems in north and east. The Rheiderland was the traditionally richest area in brickyards of Germany.

In 2008 the brickyard of Jemgum was closed and no new Function was found until today. For this reason bringing new live to this area is one of the main aims of this project. Furthermore the historical city centre and the old harbour basin which was sealed in the 1950s should be reactivated. To support this the new city hall will be placed next to the new city centre.
Because of the closed Brickyard the connection of the city and the existing outer harbour is interrupted. By restructuring this area an forming a new axis along the river the connection will be fixed again.
A new canoe and bicycle hotel should be planned at this area. Target groups are tourists cicling along the Dollart or Emsroute, eager water sportsmen, hungry for wellness or also ornithologists.
Touristic atractions should be a good function to reactivate the area of Jemgum furthermore it will bring new jobs to it. For this reason it is a good intervention of solving the problem of rural depopulation.

The geometry of the hotel orientates itself by the town planning architecture and interprets the structure of the available saddle roofs in new way. Uniform material in the form of bricks forms the whole shell.

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