Moravian gallery in Brno - Governor´s Palace, new building for contemporary art collections

by Tatiana Kuva from Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia
Tutored by: Ing.Arch. Pavol Paňák

Author comments:

The thesis expands on the problematics described in the pre-master project detailing the design of a new building for the collection of contemporary art in Brno. The master thesis profoundly associates with the new building’s plan of collection of the contemporary art in Brno. The plan’s attempts of integration the area into sustainable dynamic urban entity of city objects is demonstrated onto demanding urban situation in neighbourhood of historical Governor's Palace. The complex of buildings take part in creating Brno art quartier in close surrounding with other building blocks with cultural function.
The plan connects with Governor’s Palace- the building with the collection of old forms of art. This project supports an idea of symbiotic interconnection within these two institutions with emphasis on growing quality of services and attractivity of both galleries. The exhibition space is placed underground, the visible part of the proposal- overground part of building complex constituted by two entrances connected by roof pavilions. One of them is located in park, the second one is attached by roof with atrium. They both serve as communication channel of contemporary art.

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