Two Worlds_Re-thinking Healing Environment

by Paola Antoniou from University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Tutored by: Andreas Savvides, Christos Hatzihristos, Giannis Papadopoulos

Author comments:

Healing Environments are, by definition, an unpleasant environment.Knowing, therefore, that structured space can provide conscious and unconscious feelings about how architecture could provide a different place of hospitalization.Nursing care is often a type of enclave for the city itself. Clearly this results in the difficulty of people to confront any problem, whether it concerns them, or the ones around them, as the memories of these environments vary in feelings.Therefore, the ultimate goal is to change the identity of these sites, to transform them into more familiar spaces that they can take care of and support people. A key element of this work is the coexistence of people who have to deal with any health problem with people who may have had no medical reason to be in that environment.How can these two worlds coexist, and how could anyone have a reason to be in this environment. The benefit of this coexistence is to familiarize ourselves with this environment, resulting in the easier and better treatment of the term “patient”.So how can multiple choices be made in this coexistence without clearly embarking on an unpleasant position but opposed to giving the positive emotions and at the same time bringing those involved closer together. With the importance of thinking that spaces for every person referring to his own memories.Nevertheless in the present study, the answer is given by a predicted and shaped experience for those involved without being strongly defined.

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