A place for architecture - A new architecture school for TU Dresden

by Oliver Legat from Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUD), Faculty of Architecture, Germany
Tutored by: Professor Anna Jessen

Author comments:

In the geometrical focal point of TU Dresdens campus, located only a few walking minutes from Dresden central station, a new building for the architecture department emerges. Right there where the historic and the newer campus parts meet, the high and significant front building generates a conspicuous landmark giving Dresdens college grounds a cross-territorial address. The site is accessed from north via a large forecourt with tall current tree stocks while another square ,that stretches between the tower, hangar and Beyer-Bau, functions as a new gate to the campus and welcomes students and visitors.

The tower is accessed from north and organizes all representative functions such as foyer with an exhibition area, café and library towards the public street space. In addition it includes all specialist fields (FG) and drawing rooms of the architecture school. The simple structure of a central reinforced concrete core which incorporates all ancillary uses such as bathrooms, emergency stairs, elevators and technical supply, concrete supports located at the facade and far stretching beam ceilings allows flexible floor plan zonings and 360°-panorama on all levels.

To round off the architecture schools space requirements, the experimental-hangar complements the efficient but compact room offers inside the tower. The frame-structure allows a generous unsupported area with enough space for any kinds of craft, test- or experimental models as well as exhibitions or cultural events.

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