A framework for the district Sanità - reception facility and new entrance to the neighborhood

by Ilaria Corrado from University of Naples "Federico II", Department of Architecture, Italy
Tutored by: Nicola Flora

Author comments:

A white frame is the protective enclosure for the new reception areas for visitors who want to visit the Rione Sanità in Naples. This white box is longitudinally discovery and it spread along the west side of Incoronata Madre del buon consiglio Basilica, providing unobstructed views of the landscape. The project is essentially a closing element of the depth of a few meters, partly protruding, containing within it a staging point, a info point and views point of the neighborhood and the city. The internal space of the new volume has been ideally divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to functional activities that are divided in five small volumes, the only enclosed spaces. From the avenue, visitors can access the quarries below the Rione Sanità, through two lifts that start from a glass block.
Inside there is a glass information space, a small point café with a long dining area by a platform, two boxes to listen the sound clips that tell the story of Sanità and in the meantime enjoy the view framed by a high point thanks to a surface with steps. An other box turns out to be a volume of passage with an interactive desk that provides information on the local traditions. The second part of the project is completely occupied by a garden area. In the coverage, circular apertures allow to the structure to be crossed by the vegetation, while, in the floor, a long cut covered by a grid of steel allows the visitor to walk by observing the void below.

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