PAC Polish Architecture Center

by Katarzyna Siedlecka from Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Poland
Tutored by: Prof. Dr Hab. Inz. Arch. Wojciech Bulinski

Author comments:

PAC Polish Architecture Center

Bulwar Inflancki is now a green oasis where residents of Krakow love to spend their time. Can I somehow use the presence of people in this area? Why not try to create the Polish Architecture Center? This could be a place,which may inform and teach about architecture.

The heart of PAC is the courtyard-a comparison to the Krakow Main Square. Buildings with different size and functions are loosely spread around it. The park comes inside through them.
PAC is made of six blocks joined together in the underground level with a lowered courtyard. It has been divided into a architecture museum, auditorium, a small gallery, architecture workshop, administration building and a cafe. The buildings are interlinked and are designed so that each one can function independently.

The location is the main reason why the building got divided into smaller blocks. I wanted to keep as many trees as possible, only adding the architecture center function. The project should remind an Architecture Park, not an “icon” placed on the site.

The division is also due to the difficult task for a building with this function - showing what architecture is. It is very difficult to define architecture in one building. There are endless definitions of architecture - every architect has his own.I decided to create a complex of buildings, each with a different function and architectural requirements corresponding to it. As a result the Center became a “three dimensional Neufert”.

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