shortlisted project

Berlin University Residences

by Timmo Lass from Faculty of Architecture and Environmental Engineering, TTK University of Applied Sciences, Tallinn, Estonia
Tutored by: Mihkel Tüür, Ott Kadarik

Author comments:

The diploma thesis proposes and represents a draft level design for architectural competition organized by ArchMedium. The proposed buildings are situated in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. The proposed solution takes into account both the space program in the brief issued by ArchMedium and peculiarities of urban development due to location. The site is solved with perimetral groups of buildings, which follows the design of Berlin’s Mietskaserne city block. The proposed architectural solution consists of two smaller city blocks, which on the ground floor form a single intertwined block, but with different degrees of privacy. The ground floors are meant for the public use – cafe, restaurant and dormitory gathering places. The first floors of dormitory, hostel and apartment building are raised from ground level to give more privacy for the first floor rooms. An innovative solution for Berlin’s city block takes place within the block by opening the courtyards to maximum sunlight throughout the day. The buildings are connected by ground-based volumes and skybridges. Buildings are sliced through to open up the views and to get into the inner courtyards. Berlin’s geographical latitude is taken into account while placing the building volumes. Each apartment receives the necessary amount of direct sunlight during summer (22. April to 22. August).

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