Mass-Data-Center-Hybrid: Iceland Data Farm

by Sebastian Wening from Technische Hochschule NĂĽrnberg Georg Simon Ohm, Germany
Tutored by: Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Prof. Josef Reindl

Author comments:

The Iceland Data Farm represents a plausible, alternative approach to the implementation of a data center. The emergence of a pure, architectural machinery is circumvented by the combination with other functional units and therefore resulting village-like arrangement of several buildings. Iceland is doing a successful choice as the site for the implementation of the design. The numerous possibilities for regenerative Energy production make Iceland very attractive for the energy-intensive operation of data centers. The year-round relatively constant, cool climate is ideal for energy-efficient cooling of the servers and equipment. The enormous amount of produced heat by the hardware place is used by the greenhouses while reducing the dependence on exports in the field of fruit and vegetable production. Furthermore, serving locally produced food for the increasing numbers of backpackers. The travelers can book cheap accommodations in return for maintaining the existing plants in the greenhouses. This provides an attractive alternative to the otherwise very costly accommodations inland. A further, positive side effect of the greenhouse operation is die production of plant debris. This Will help to fertile potting soil and make the Iceland wasteland green again.

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