The Design of A Design Faculty

by Varlık Yücel from Özyeğin University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Turkey
Tutored by: Murat Şahin, Ph.D.

Author comments:

The aim of the project was designing an architecture and design faculty building in a given area which is located in a university campus. The campus is located on the outside of the city surrounded by the forestry. The given area is one of the most frequented place on the campus. The most challenging part of the area is elevation difference. There are three different main entrance point designed on three different height. One of them is welcoming the guests coming from the quad, one of them form the social area. The last one is opening trough the new social and the recreation area which are redefined by the design of the building. The main idea was creating flexible, all-duty and free spaces for the students. Thus main research area for the project has come out; “learning environment”. I have study on the subjects like; how to learn, how to produce and how to be creative. The main focus was not only the inner spaces or learning spaces. Another idea was creating strong relationship between in-side and out-side also between the elevations. Therefore the building was formed by two main arms which are holding on the three main elevations. Thus people has been able to reach their destination by walking through the building. Also the other main purpose of the building was the position of sun. By the help of the dramatic demeanor of the form, the building has a great opportunity to use north light efficiently, to reach filtrated south light.

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