shortlisted project

Quinta dos Vinhais. Circumstance(s), Dialogue, Project.

by Luca Bosco from Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP), Portugal
Tutored by: José Gigante

Author comments:

The House from Above, the Barn, the Woodshed, the Middle-house, the House, the Ruin and the House-Next to, “[...] seem to be just there. A person doesn’t give them any special attention. And yet, it is almost impossible to imagine the place where they are without them. They seem to be firmly anchored to the ground. Working as part of their surroundings and it is like they are saying: I am as you can see, and I am part of this”. (Cit. Peter Zumthor - Thinking Architecture)

The project affects several situations that characterise a farmyard in Amarante, Portugal. From the arrangements of the interiors where the buldings are totally consolidated to the understanding of the ruins so as to design new spaces.

The will of the clients was to refurbish his whole complex of buildings in order to host people who want to share with them the rural life.

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