Wind Tower

by Nour Mezher from Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Spain
Tutored by: Willy Muller, Jordi Vivaldi

Author comments:

As part of our “Intelligent Cities” studio, we are working on the relationship between the rising of sea level and the contaminated soil in Newark.Taking into consideration the analyses of our site,we came to the conclusion that industries that are located on the coast of the passaic river will be the most affected. Wind Tower as a component of urban energy supply, is the practice of producing energy in vertically stacked layers. The modern idea of wind industry uses controlled natural ventilation system to be able to optimize to wind efficiency. These Typology include architectural control
of wind, and wind turbine manufacture program. Inspired by the Formula one industry, the facade integrate a series of performative scoops, tunnels and wind turbine into the project that ensured the continuous passage of air to specific area of the building.

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