Shared Worlds 2015 – A Social vision for an accessible neighbourhood of common space and shared inhabitations within and across scales

by Andrew Andronicos Kallis from University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Tutored by: Nadia Charalambous

Author comments:

The diploma project reconsiders the meanings of habitation and public space as notions interrelated and inextricably connected with the social – economic reality of each place. The theoretical research follows the international discussions about accessibility to housing and is related to the Cypriot reality of the private owned housing, which is no more accessible for a large percentage of the population due to the European financial crisis. It also observed that the existing way of living which promotes private ownership and living, has greatly degraded public culture and participation, increasing the insensitivity towards the socio-political changes. Additionally, the existing pattern of living is unable to adapt to the contemporary way of living and its various changes, whereas the contemporary Cypriot neighbourhoods lack of a common space feeling. The theoretical questioning mentioned above is accompanied by a site analysis study of the selected area. The area is defined by strong monofunctional zones and fragmentation of uses and space, while the existing public spaces remain in absence of any activity or use. Therefore, the project aims to explore the spatio-chronical meaning of ‘sharing’ and ‘common’, responding to financial crisis circumstances and a period of social decline; design a model of shared inhabitations within and across the scales of the housing unit, the neighbourhood and the public space, responding to a period of limited accessibility to housing.

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