Continue building with inventory – examination of spoils as physical moments of historical compression

by Sandro Meier from ZHAW – Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland
Tutored by: Beat Waeber, Ingrid Burgdorf

Author comments:

The preservation, but also the further development of our old towns, was the motivation for this master thesis. Where action is needed, they should be built continuing and still retain their charm and their apparent homogeneity. „Continue building with inventory“ is a project approach of showing how a replacement building with historic spoils, as a historical point of attachment to the place, can be integrated into its context.

Set pieces from the environment with reminiscence create for local person „as a physical moment of historical consolidation“ close links on an emotional level. This work shouldn’t be seen as opposition to historic preservation, but as an opportunity for renewing an old city at sensitive points, which are not monumental preservatet and their preservation is not economically feasible. For this construction project, the in-depth examination of the place, its history and its characterizing properties is crucial. The, often only apparent, homogeneity of the old town is important for the impression as a whole and the atmosphere in the street space.

Nevertheless, taking into account current needs and living arrangements was essential for the project. Among other things, with a flowing sequence of primary spaces, this is taken into account, despite the noticeable reference to historic floor plans. The unusual private outdoor spaces in the district, which are indispensable for a new building were incorporated into the project without having a disruptive effect on the roads space.

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