A new perspective on Pratobello: the tales, itineraries and experiences through the unknown Sardinia; the recovery project of the abandoned village

by Michele De Nicola, Ivana Cucca from Politecnico di Torino - School of Architecture, Italy
Tutored by: Matteo Robiglio

Author comments:

The research is focalised on some territories of the Sardinia, an italian region located in the Mediterranean Sea. The study of this area (devided into three parts: territory, tourism, history) has been important to define the project in the little area of Pratobello, located between the Gennargentu Mountains and the Supramonte Park. After a territorial analysis we established the key elements of the architectural project. The abandoned village changes its appearance and becomes an accommodation facility, where it is possible perform different activities related to the territory and its traditions. The architectural design has been carried out until the technological analysis, so we have hypothesized to use local materials, such as stone for cladding.

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