Teatro Oficina taken further – about the non-existance of public space in Sao Paulo

by Jannis Renner from HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Germany
Tutored by: Professor Myriam Gautschi

Author comments:

Brazil. incomparable vitality, the espirito brasileiro! The idea is to show the complexity of this country’s culture, the clash of extremes and the link in between Germany and Brazil.
The public space doesn‘t seem to exist, is forced back into safe facilities, the street remains transit area.
I tried to understand São Paulo, to internalize the culture and to visualize the local life, by visiting characteristic public places in this overlaying city.

In the heart of São Paulo, the Teatro Oficina shows the issues of public space, criminality and isolation of the rich. This cultural facility was a big part of the development of the culture of Brazil and continues to have an important role in the local politics.
My attempt is to react to the needs of the residents and create a place of bonding.
How can the geographic and historical background of the area and the Teatro help to find a new awareness for the culture? A house of cultures.

As a pendant to the verticality of the surrounding city a horizontal block is created. Carved and modeled the spatial limits of the cube dissolve. The building becomes an extension of the street, a city parcour.
The stage-concept, the „theatre street“, of the Teatro Oficina is interpreted. Thinking in sections leads to an omnipresent connection of the different usages and overlapping of the levels.
The conventional usages are taken further. A new understanding of sport, music, dance and food and their combination and connections emerges.

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