Parliament Building

by Fjolla Mulliqi from Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
Tutored by: Turkan Uraz

Author comments:

The site is located in Nicosia, North Cyprus. Cyprus is separated in two parts South and North sides, therefore the site given for this project was separated in the middle by highway. The concept was pure bringing connection and peace between two sides.

The project’s first aim of design was interconnecting two parts of the building through underground linkage. The main axes to invite Cypriots inside of the building from all sides of the city. Another point which has been taken into consideration is transparency, where we are used seeing dark mass governmental buildings, yet designing an open and transparent iconic building inviting population to perceive it as a city iconic building.

Transparency was applied through design and different types of materials. The main material used for Chamber Hall building is Recycled Corten(rusted steel) which forms a stable, rust-like appearance if it exposed to the weather for several years. As a recycled material has high resistance to atmospheric corrosion due to protective layer that steel forms under the influence of weather.

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