Transport hub «Losinoostrovskaya»

by Vera Sentyakova from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Russia
Tutored by: Tesler Kirill Jgorevich

Author comments:

By 2020 in Moscow planned to build 273 transport interchange hub. One of them is TPU "Losinoostrovskaya". Transport hub will be posted on the basis of the existing railway station Losinoostrovskaya. My project includes the construction of interchange terminals, crossing over the railway track , shopping center and multifunctional unheated farmer's market. On the territory of the transport hub will be connecting between rail transport and surface public transport (such as taxis and buses). Passenger traffic through the station is 37 thousand people a day.

Tutor comments:

In this final work the author uses an approach of integrated solutions developed urban setting. The planned complex will become not just a node transplants, and also will assume the role of social and commercial center, and dominant in the smooth fabric of urban development, will be a landmark on the city map and a new point of development of the whole district.
Accepted Design solutions will reduce overall passenger travel time by minimizing the length of its route, to improve the conditions of service, to provide a universal framework for all groups of citizens

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