Performing arts center, Lisbon

by Laura Hasmatuchi from “G. M. Cantacuzino” Architecture Faculty, Technical University of Iași, Romania
Tutored by: Prof. Dr. Architect Virgiliu Onofrei

Author comments:

During the last centuries, Lisbon suffered a series of urban transformations, Tejo riverside being one of the most affected areas, caused by the relocation of the port industry. Trying to resolve this problem, the public authorities have proposed the rehabilitation of the former shipping sites by redesigning the waterfront and adding social and cultural spaces to it, the 98’ Exhibition Park being a good example. The project site is located near the 25thApril Bridge, in Alcantara, exploring the great views toward the river, the “Jesus Dei” statue and the old city center.

Located on the Tejo waterfront, the Performing Arts Center unites a diverse range of performance and creative art disciplines under a single roof, housing a 1300-seat Performance Hall, classrooms, rehearsal and performance spaces, exhibition areas, a mediatheque displayed on three storeys and a library.

The architectural strategy in re-using the site’s former buildings was developed through several stages, defining a clear distinction between new structures and architectural heritage elements, connecting spaces in the same time.

The Performing Arts Center is designed to encourage spontaneous communication, both academic and social interaction, expanding the learning process outside the traditional classrooms. In terms of formal and conceptual matters, the center marks a meeting place where architecture
defines a public space that acts like a real organism.

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