The beauty of disappearance

by Blanca Cambas Fernández from Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid), Spain
Tutored by: Joaquín Mosquera Casares, Daniel Movilla Vega, María Antonia Fernández Nieto

Author comments:

The project starts from the study of the nautical letters of the Galician coast where took importance a series of milestones that are not register in other maps.

We have gone building by different needs in this border without considering the tides like a natural agent over the time. The inner port of La Coruña opens its doors to a relation between the territory and the sea because of the construction of a new external port that leaves its usage obsolete.

It is necessary to move one step back to understand how the configuration of the port has make the city to lose gradually the contact with the water layer, therefore the perception of the course of the time through the tides, linked to the marine and fishing character of the city.

The project like all its urbanism content try to approach the sea border reproducing the hardness and the rotundity of the sea pier but with the sensibility that generates to introduce the time represented by the tides.

It does a study of the rhythms according to the periods of the year, of the months and the hours of the day creating a linear rhythm and a cyclic rhythm that will be understand like two types of programs.

The reinforced concrete used to construct the building gives the experience like if it was the rocks that have been drilled by the water over the time, opening cracks by where the calm water flows, and are these same cracks by where the people takes advantage to flow through the project.

The tides will be drawing on and on this project considering the changes over the time and will also leave a mark of the passage of the time in the building.

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