shortlisted project

Hydro Network System Prototype – Preserving ecologies

by Athanasia Agapiou from University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Tutored by: Dr. Marios C.Phocas, Dr.Natia M.Charalambous

Author comments:

The diploma project deals with the environmental and public health and the interaction of a city, specifically, Paphos, in relation to the water element.The fact that modern life has an impact on natural ecosystems respectively, creates unhealthy environments, which affect negatively the health of residents in the cities.

The proposed network of infrastructure into the city, has the potential not only to consolidate the environment but also to function as assessment center of the existing urban meteorology and also to inform citizens about the local climatic and environmental issues. Furthermore, it aims to spread knowledge and research in a network of education in the urban fabric and a part of everyday life, placing the city, as an experimental environmental workshop.

The water element acts as an activator of various infrastructure _ small ecosystems, which apart from improving the quality of life of residents, also function as public spaces of different activities. The element of water is particularly important for the interaction with the city, because of its production that takes place in the same infrastructure, in the urban development of the phenomenon of atmospheric moisture. This production could be placed as an additional layer over the city which fuels and strengthens the proposed infrastructure system.

The project functions like a city diagnostic system and interferes with the proper uses for restoring the functioning of the ecosystem and for giving residents better living conditions in a smarter and healthier city.

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