by Julien Theillet from École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Montpellier, France
Tutored by: Elodie Nourrigat

Author comments:

The theme approached in this project is the construction of the city « above the city » with all it’s social and public dimension.

How could we limit urban spread and reinvigorated a fortified historical centre which is turning into a museum ?

The project’s aim is to bring nature back to the city through the built of a new hybrid stratum, doing so, it would permit the creation of a new viewing angle of Evora. The main trunk roads run in a radial pattern to the city center of Evora, therefore, the first limbs of this new stratum will be organized around those traffic lanes. The merge of public space and architecture will arise from the superposition of the new network above the historical one. The new network will be moving accordingly to the city’s rooftops. New public spaces will be created, and it will provide a new way of living with our environment.

The project is made around the idea of a pathway leading directly to Evora’s central square.
But, the centrality of the public square leads us to wonder : how could we build something above a public square ?

The main idea of this project is to connect both city’s historical heritage, and the necessity of evolution of the urban fabric. Doing that, we’re introducing a new awareness about territory’s urbanization, it makes us focus on the changing nature of everything. The city heritage doesn’t have to be completely static, or immutable. Indeed, this project would be an answer on how a city heritage can evolve over time.

Jury comments:

The project proposes a solution for the re-use of existing buildings by using roof-scape connections as an alternative to the street. While not entirely convinced by the forms proposed the jury believes that the project allows for imaginative solutions to the use of our cities.

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