shortlisted project

The Island of the Future – The vision of the development of the Fogo Island with the caldera of the active Volcano

by Adrian Kasperski from Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Poland
Tutored by: Bartosz Haduch

Author comments:

The impulse for choosing a topic was observing one of the reports by Fernando Guerra. The photos presented building located inside an active volcano. Curiously enough, the designers have discovered there a community, who illegally inhabited the nationally protected areas. The building had functioned for only a year. In the wake of the eruption in November 2014, it had become completely destroyed. This moment was so suggestive that I have decided to act. I have created the project, which is a kind of reaction to current events.

It turned out that the project can’t be limited to the construction or reconstruction of one facility. The topic should relate to the broadly defined development of the island and help resolving problems in much wider range. But how to preserve the natural landscape, while simultaneously using it as a main catalyst for change and development? Alternative tourism seems to be the perfect solution. However, in order to encourage tourists to come to the caldera, we need to create the right conditions. Constructing a new road, complemented by the hiking trails, pavilions designed both for tourists and local population, and also Volcanism and Culture Centre, Vineyard/Hotel and a new village, would be a huge impulse and a starting point for the future positive processes.

According to Fabrizio Barozzi, architecture can generate certain positive changes in the community for which it is built. I have decided to take advantage from this opportunity.

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