shortlisted project

Collective Amalgam Ephemeral Traces

by Aisling Byrne from Cork Centre for Architectural Education (CCAE), Ireland
Tutored by: Jason O'Shaughnessy, Eve Olney, Eoin French

Author comments:

This project centers around the unique experience of Prague by its writer, as a city of more than tourist culture. It explores its dense intricacies where one finds more than is prescribed. These unexpected instances form a network of individual experiences which become the alternative reading of the city. This proposes that there is another layer within the urban fabric that is not discoverable by those conforming to its visiting rituals. This project explores this new layer through photographs, diary entries and memories in an effort to extract from them this new representation of Prague.

The project hinges on the importance of collected data from the city as well as its lasting impressions on the spectator and the broader context. It recounts the city from a specific perspective from which its totality can be seen and understood. The project seeks to take the prescribed moments throughout the city and re-appropriate them through the use of these collected encounters with the alternative reading of Prague. These will serve as experiences of the city but through a new lens. They will encourage the use of new built environments and a rethinking of the notions surrounding the city, to readdress the interaction over a new threshold. Together these interventions provide a new set of experiences within Prague that can diffuse the mono-saturated culture of the city and broaden its experiential spectrum. They will interact heavily with their context in hopes that this will further enhance the city as a working capital and inform the user of more than a clock striking the hour.

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