Haus der Muse(e)n / house of muse(um)

by Hendrik Beidersandwisch from Jade Hochschule Oldenburg / Jade University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Tutored by: Examiner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Droste / Second Examiner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Beckmann

Author comments:


Museums are constantly struggling with the task of acquiring new audiences. Most of the recent visitors are middle-aged or older academics. A real social and demographic mix is missing. Highlight exhibitions or special events are no solutions to this problem. It is rather necessary to form an open place for all people with a passion for culture and art.

At this point, my master thesis is set up. It was necessary to create a place that promotes artistic development, which equally provides incentives for all age groups to deal with art. This places represents the link between the individual museums of Oldenburg and conveys the "basis" for one's own aesthetic feeling. A conventional museum often fails to do this. The combination of exhibitions, education, events, work and life offers the potential to open the broader awareness of the people.


The property behind Huntestraße 1 (Oldenburg, Germany) and between the “Prinzenpalais” (i.e. prince’s palace), the Chief Financial Directorate and the “Cadillac” Youth Culture Center serves as the building footprint. In addition to the current use as a parking lot, you can also find a dilapidated depot which was a forge in earlier times. The actual form of the plot is divided into a long limb extending southwards, as well as a polygon which is directed to the north-east.

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