2 The Rescue Facing flood_Designing an emergency shelter

by Andreas Mpyrros from University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Tutored by: Aimilios Michael

Author comments:

The aim of my diploma thesis is to study the natural phenomena, artificial and human, how they are caused, the consequences they leave behind and how they can be addressed through architecture. Through this research the design of the unit is based on the natural disaster of flood and thus its need to be a floating structure. Each unit is able to be transferred on the site of need either by air or land. The unit as a floating mechanism can help humans in need to be rescued and land on a safe ground until the worst passes. In consequence the same unit has the ability to expand and create a habitable space within. The unit is created based on the minimum dimensions needed for a human to live in order to withstand the whole period of the disaster. This period varies from one week to six months. When the unit is fully developed additional parts can be added based on the needs of the habitant. Additional parts can be placed on the main unit to transform it into one for a different use. With the use of these parts each unit can be connected to each other to create a various number of activity stations. Beside those a series of already assembled utility units are delivered on site for the rest of the habitant needs. When the units are no longer needed they can be removed from the site and stored for further use.

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