London Internet Museum

by Michał Daniszewski from Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, Poland
Tutored by: Dr Inż. Arch. Bartosz Haduch

Author comments:

The project is based on creation of a new type of museum space using cutting-edge virtual reality technology. Visitors of the museum would have the opportunity to travel to any place of the world, take part in historical events, explore exhibits unavailable to the public or see, and even enter, any painting they like.

The possibilities of creating a virtual reality are limited only by imagination of the user, and manner of operating of the Museum of the Internet can be compared to the manner of operating of the Internet itself – the museum acts as a server storing data, and the visitors are hosts who receive information recreated in virtual reality.

The object is designed as a cast reinforced concrete board, shaft and pillar structure with reinforcing staircase and duct walls. Due to high level of groundwater, the external walls of the underground part are designed to be diaphragm, which together with the foundation (bottom) slab create a watertight reinforced concrete basin.

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