Offshore Motor Yacht Conceptual Design

by Marlena Ratajska from Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology (GUT), Poland
Tutored by: Prof. Antoni Taraszkiewicz Phd. Eng. Arch.

Author comments:

Blue Heron superyacht is a conceptual project that represents a study of the factors ifluencing the design of ships from architectural point of view. This project attempt to find an individual stylistic expression in the realm of yacht design through an unconventional approach to structure, the yachts space and form. Taking into account the inevitable and important constraints resulting from the yacht’s very nature and character (i.e. the specific purposes it is meant to serve) also conforming to its technical specifications and functions.Inspirations were taken mostly from nature, more accurately birds that are interrelated with water. Their varied shapes defines the different stylistic spatial characteristics.

In the design process the areas in which super yachts are operating were indicated and the elaboration of infrastructural spaces dedicated to these vessels were accrately analyzed. Blue Heron was intended to be a luxury yacht for private owner, which also serve periodically as charter yacht. It is ment to serve seasonally on open seas and oceans. As most of super yachts during european winter at the carribean sea and during summer at mediterean sea, due to atmospheric conditions.

This yacht is presented as a desire to create a unique space, corresponding to the needs of its customers. It is presented in an unusual form of clearly arranged functions that allow you to use them freely during the day and at night, at sea and when it is moored.

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