City of Monza, the green, the waters: prospective and opportunities for brownfields. A new public library in the former Tessitura Fossati Lamperti

by Giovanni Uboldi, Alessandro Lori, Paolo Faverio from School of Civil Architecture (Milano Bovisa) Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Tutored by: Raffaella Neri

Author comments:

Tessitura Fossati Lamperti is among the most interesting brownfields. It includes different buildings constructed over the time. Within this project we have found the most significant architectural features and studied the solidity, structure and deterioration. Afterwards, we created a functional program based on the instruction of the city plan, the role of the area within the city and the consistency between settlement activities and building characteristics.
The project involves the implementation of a new centre in a park open to the neighbourhood destined to various cultural, production and free time activities. The theme of this project therefore is to redefine the existing buildings’ spaces in order to create a new place in the city able to enhance the identity of this suburban area and link it to the net of urban relations.
In detail, three main buildings with different characteristics and orientations were restored; all of them are located in a garden. The new covered hypostyle square, aligned with the existing tree avenue, is the pivot of the system, it functions as a gathering point where are located recreational and educational spaces.
In the large and bright north building, which is studied in this dissertation, is planned to be set in the cultural centre, with the public library for adults and children, a conference and theatre hall, an exhibition area and an outdoor small auditorium / cinema.

Tutor comments:

The subject of this dissertation is the redevelopment and the reuse of some of the brownfields of Monza area, industrial city in Lombardia. The project includes the development of plan for the urban area and a specific project for the recovery and redevelopment of the IXX century textile factory Tessitura Meccanica Fossati Lamperti.

Within the city area there many brownfield, especially in the southern part of the city centre, across the railway, the Lambro River or Villoresi Canal. These barriers have kept the industrial area separated from the city.
Today these brownfields represent a valuable resource for the redevelopment of some suburban areas due to the fact that they could accommodate new activities and services.
The scenario of this project involves connecting those brownfields, and giving them new life restoring the buildings of greater architectural value. The area will be connected with a linear park that will follow the Villoresi Canal and Lambro River and will be served by two bicycle paths (partially existing) along the canal, therefore enhancing the possibility of urban transformation.

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