Muziris [re] Discover

by Julián Leopoldo Gil Benegasi from Escuela de Arquitectura y Tecnología, Universidad Camilo José Cela (UCJC), Spain
Tutored by: Arturo Blanco Herrero

Author comments:

Integral proposal from the historical analysis up to the constructive definition, raising a strategy of not invasive implantation that is completed by the advance of the time, forming one more cap of the historical local development. This intervention is realized as identitary process with many intentions: To give to his inhabitants the opportunity to start a way of recognition of one itself across the type-site. To offer a second identity, the present identity, as physical reality providing a place where these persons could have a more wide, rich and complex perception of themselves as community in a environment. To locate and to indicate with a physical entity the most active excavation of the process. To grant to this process of facilities, the necessary means to be in physical and visual contact with the findings. Trying to suppose the growth that is going to develop the type-site, there is realized the hypothesis of a linear advance of same parallel to the coast. We implement an empathic system, with the excavations and with the current way, which it respects and accompanies it in his growth. There differ in the plant two zones, one of more public character and free scattering and other one more restricted access. The restricted area fits functions directly associated with their life in the type-site. The other one will be destined for the research and the development of the findings.

Jury comments:

The jury particularly appreciated the richness of potential within the project, which creates an orderly superimposed grid of complementary activity above an existing conglomerate, giving this a new identity and historical reference.

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