Revitalization of Francis shaft in Idrija

by Iztok Hvala from Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tutored by: Prof. Miloš Florijančič, Doc. Mitja Zorc, Doc. Dr. Matej Blenkuš

Author comments:

Master thesis is dealing with the area of Francis shaft, the only still operating shaft for descending into the mine. Connecting the site to the city, creating new public space and establishing a collection of mine’s technical heritage in conjunction with research centre for mercury and study geological collection, are the key project goals. Through the study of the historic area development and evaluation of the current state, the new project guidelines are established.
Functional and technical orientation of the existing is exposed and to this, the new, added structures are adjusted. New programmatic volumes are connected with the attractive museum path, where there is clear separation of old existing and new.
New historic building mass is revived and is exposed as a spatial and meaningful dominant point overlooking the city.

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