shortlisted project

The Gateway to High Tatras

by Marcel Šípka from Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Tutored by: Prof. Ing. Arch. Ján Stempel

Author comments:

Project is situated in Strbske Pleso in High Tatras mountains in Slovakia. The idea to create the ultimate sport complex dates back to the 60's of the 20th century, during preparation for the World Cup in skiing (1970). However, after the project build-up, there have been several changes made. These resulted in degradation of the original brilliant idea.

The aim of proposal is to redesign ski jumps area and find lost identity for one of the most visited places in High Tatras and Slovakia in general.

Former ski jumps are "points de vue" every time you approach High Tatras. That was the starting point, how to build-up a metaphor for gateway in mountains. In study, I created artificial peak of High Tatras. The volume abstracts mass breakdown of peaks - upper contour symbolizes the sharp edge of peak rocks and bottom one symbolizes the border between alpine meadows and knee timbers.
Furthermore, there is dynamics of sport - ski jumping and dynamics of mountains combined into one artificial peak or gateway.
Under the arc, there is a communication node for tourists and skiers, terminal station for mass transport to city Poprad is also located there.

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