Dotted Line

by Rocío Marina Pemán from Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid), Spain
Tutored by: María Antonia Fernández, Joaquín Mosquera

Author comments:

The Dotted Line project starts with two premises. The desire of recovers the city's relationship with the sea. The second one is the needed of spaces for leisure and recreation protected from the weather that the city of La Coruna has, to promote the walk, stay and social interaction.

At territorial scale a number of strategies are proposed but the main one is the building of a covered walkway designed as an urban gallery, which connected the North of the city with the South.

The project name "DOTTED LINE" responds to the vocation of this urban gallery of being a broken line. A line, that facing the port edge stiffness is flexible and grows to host programs designed as centres of attraction that attract city to the edge.

In the first phase of project development, the urban gallery is divided into 4 industrial warehouses, which collected the main flows of port connection with the city and the waterfront. These spaces are the home of the program called as "THE CANTEEN", "THE INCUBATOR", "THE CRAFTS WORKSHOPS" and "THE TEMPORARY RESIDENCES". The objective of this program is to attract young people and create a meeting place for La Coruna.

At all times it seeks to promote flexible use of space. A building of fuzzy boundaries, which, with the intention of applying the theories of dual phenomena of Aldo van Eyck, reconciles the opposites concepts private-public, exterior-interior and collective-individual. Understanding that the most interesting place is in the friction of a space with its opposite, is in this space where the individual can display their creativity.

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