Walk Spaces

by Sara Escudero from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura A Coruña, Universidad de A Coruña, Spain
Tutored by: Juan Creus

Author comments:

Fraga is a small village in the North of Spain.It’s a rural area, which is suffering a crisis due to the new way of life. The crisis of the rural world means a crisis to its identity. Even though the rural world doesn’t have the importance it has 30 years ago, it still culturally significant above all pertaining to traditional party.Fiesta is an important event in people’s life as every village in Spain has a Fiesta weekend, a very important cultural tradition.
Keeping the theory of E.T Hall from The Hidden Dimension in mind, which established that the tools we make are extensions of our bodies,we could say that Fiestas, as events that are part of our cycle of live, are the projection of a part of ourselves, the part related with our reaffirmation as individuals that need to be part of a group. This is the first premise:La Fiesta is the manifestation of the human identity.
By strengthening the cultural identity through Fiesta, the final aim of the project will be to strengthen the link with the territory,promoting it in the quotidian and not just in the extraordinary.
Because of all that, it is necessary to study the landscape: a radiograph of society and a footprint of its memory.
The proposal has 4 parts. First, an urban planning project, next a net of paths that protect the public space, then the improvement of the symbolic place for the celebration and finally, a community centre. They’ll appear in different phases, according to the needs of the inhabitants.

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