Modular Co-working

by Anastasiya Morozova from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Russia
Tutored by: Tesler Kirill

Author comments:

The importance of remote work (form of employment under which employers and employees are at a distance from each other) increases in large cities. But often, work at home has bad effect on productivity. Experience shows that the best solution in this matter is a coworking. Modular system based on the transport containeris allows: • most reliable delivery of modular elements • fast delivery • increased level of integrity and safety • opportunity to leave the unit outdoors • economy • mobility
The main project is envisaged the improvement of Likhoborka river and reorganization the zone of garage complexes in social and recreational area. These activities will create a walking and cycling nets connecting residential districts with green area of the Botanical Garden. Co working centre is situated at North-East administrative district of Moscow. The Berezovaya alleya street is located in the Noth of these place. Lichoborka river and the Moscow Ring Railway are situated in the South. The projected complex consists of two blocks: office block and workshop block. Area of buildings is 1100 square meters.
There are a lot of co-working centers in Moscow. More often these workshops are developed at former manufacturing plants of industrial companies or small rooms in the city centre. Create coworking on the periphery will provide comfortable working conditions near the the place of residence of employees and possibly offload transport highways at rush hour.

Tutor comments:

The student makes a wide range of knowledge and skills acquired during their studies at the university in his project. The theme of this project involves actual problems of transport and social infrastructure, as well as the possibility of renovation and reorganization of the urban environment.
Architectural part includes a master plan for the construction site, drawing facades, floor plans and design elements. Thermal calculation is made of the external wall fencing and coverings. The student has made analysis of the facades and selectad the most brilliant version that supports the volume rhythm of the building.

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