Creative Industries Center

by Alexandra Mirona Man from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Romania
Tutored by: Dana Vais

Author comments:

The site is located on the inside border of the historic urban core of the city, in a heterogeneous context. The most important part of the city’s industry was formerly located in this area. On the site there are located 2 buildings of historical importance: one for the Jewish history (Viznitz Synagogue) and the other one is a landmark of the industrial history of the city (the ruin of the Alcohol Factory). I chose this site for my final project because I noticed some urban problems in this city area. The architectural proposal could be a solution to these problems: - THE VOID in the urban tissue, which has an important value thanks to the position inside the city and due to the buildings that are located on the site - THE RUIN of the factory building and the necessity to find a solution for it, because other important industrial buildings located in this area were demolished -THE CREATIVE CONTEXT inside the city which lacks spaces in which the activities can be carried out -THE LACK OF PEDESTRIAN ROUTES linking the historic buildings located on the site
The building program Creative Industries Center was developed for this very particular site. The concept was to recall, through a new programme, the former functions of the site (alcohol factory, then furniture workshop). It`s a shift from the industry to creative industry. The CONCEPT creates a link between the three streets by crossing the site. This route will be animated by the exterior spaces.

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