Let the seasons begin

by Miriam Bermejo Gonzalez from Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de la Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
Tutored by: Miguel Campos

Author comments:

The project develops the idea of how architecture can change a city port life not just by taking into account its history, materials and vegetation but also its inhabitants with their habits and perceptions. One of the architectural problems of Valencia city is that its old riverbed leading to the port is unfinished and that there are many different buildings and areas not connected ones to others in the port basin. The project tries to solve this disconnection and disorder with a unique but complex solution: a garden of water recalling the old real river that existed once. Around this idea, a swimming pool to enjoy the sea, a cover for events, different ways to be chosen for crossing the city from north to south and viceversa appear. A project built up within the inhabitant vision and for inhabitants. An opportunity to connect them to nature and to themselves before the city reaches the sea and giving chance to climate and vegetation to transform it in a certain way. Architecture and nature can talk to each other in a never ending language: changing materials, reflections, opened and sheltered spaces for all tastes, without forgetting to solve technical and ecological concepts that give support to this holistic idea.

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