Cemetery Park in a Nato ex military base

by Francesca Giulia Melendez from Università di Palermo, Dipartimento di Architettura, Italy
Tutored by: Gaetano Cuccia, Marcella Aprile

Author comments:

The area project is a NATO ex military base. This area is structured by two mountain ridges and a valley between them. The principal purpose of the project is to define an order in space, considering all the critical aspects of the place, the landscape and the artificial pre-existing. The new functions planned for the project area are: a cemetery park in the natural basin and biology laboratories in the tunnels. These two different functions are held together by a single element: the park. The organizing principle of the cemetery park is the pedestrian axis placed on fall line, also marked by a double row of cypresses; the burials system is based on four terraces adjacent to the main axis and working with the natural shape of the ground. A second system of the paths connects transversely to the main axis; this system leads to the terraces and the crematorium temple, along a single share. The crematorium temple is set in the center of gravity of the valley and is the hub of the project because it’s the place where artifice and nature collide. This building frames certain views of the landscape, particularly Raffo Rosso Mount and Females Island.

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