MADROME – ‘Towards a new Infrastructure’

by Josephine Gillard from IE University, Spain
Tutored by: Lina Toro, Fernando Rodríguez, Pablo Oriol

Author comments:

This project serves as a complex infrastructure, allowing pedestrians to cross over and socialize within the heart of Madrid’s main Boulevard. Strategically positioned at the intersection of the important route of the Paseo de la Castellana and the Bernabeu Stadium, MADROME doesn’t only serve as a gateway to the Real Madrid Stadium, but as a destination to live, work and play.

Nowadays the parking lot also has an underutilized architectural function. Thus, with the research of five months of intensive work, has lead me to believe that the modern surface parking lot is ripe for transformation as it should go beyond availability and convenience.

We need to redefine what we mean by “parking lot” to include something that not only allows a drivers to park their car, but also offers a variety of other public uses, mitigates its effect on the environment and gives greater consideration to aesthetics and architectural context.
By doing this, open public program and pedestrian connections can be used to improve the public space, resulting in a public landscape with markets, gardens, concerts, etc.

Implementing these new “parking structures”, they could actually become a significant public space, contributing as much to the community of Madrid as a great boulevard, park and plaza.

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