shortlisted project

Central Peripheries

by William Aarsland, Olav Vidvei from Bergen School of Architecture, Norway
Tutored by: Andre Fontes, Trudi Jaeger

Author comments:

Central Peripheries

Invigorating local production and identity in small
coastal communities.

The diploma proposes five architectural interventions in Nordskot, a small coastal community in Northern Norway. The five proposals aim to highlight and promote the normality of the place, both through the people and the nature. As a reaction towards mass tourism and the “pilgrimage” to “national galleries” of special extreme landscapes, this diploma aims to highlight and promote normality as the ambition for future development in the coastal periphery. Secondly, the five proposals intend to enhance the experience, awareness and knowledge concerning biological diversity along the coast.

If we are to achieve further development in a timely manner, we firstly need to recognize ourselves as a part of nature both by experiencing and by exploring it. This project can be seen as a tryout to lay the foundation for this to be able to happen.

Tutor comments:

They showed a credible attention to the situation and the people who live there. The project was both thorough, strong and poetic.

To bring this forward-projecting timeframe into the project on a smaller scale was both thoughtful, exploratory and credible. It adds an attitude and a perspective to the architectural profession that is exciting and important.

… introducing plastic as a material and artificial threes is interesting as a non-sentimental intervention and could be developed as a comment on reuse the large amount of plastic waste in the sea.
The students worked in a reflective way with the past, the present and the future that could be an inspiration to other architects. …They show what an architect can do to respect the landscape they work in. They are pushing the limits of their thinking on life in the surfaces they create here and now.


To me the qualities of this project lay in the many nuances in questioning of how architecture can go in dialogue with nature and how architecture can become places for nature to re-inhabit. Through the site specific explorative approach, landscape protection and species management are put in focus with a humble architecture that let the nature play the main violin.


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