The Fourth Wall of Architecture

by Bart Decroos from KU Leuven – Faculty of Architecture – Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent: Master in de Architectuur (Dutch course), Belgium
Tutored by: Thierry Lagrange, Nel Janssens, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

Author comments:

This work is an attempt at combining the fields of architecture, critical theory and literature. It deals with the question how an architectural artefact develops its meaning within a larger discourse through its image, and how this relates to the everyday life of the physical space of the artefact.

The work has been developed by translating certain theoretical ideas to a fictional setting in order to explore these ideas through the medium of literature. The theoretical starting point thus takes on the form of characters, dialogues and events within a specific architectural environment in an attempt to relate these diverse ideas to each other and to the physical space. The resulting short stories have then been translated to images of physical spaces, which try to detect these theoretical ideas on the level of the space itself.

The complete work is comprised of three short stories, each dealing with a different type of architecture: the single-family house, the hotel room and the office space.

Note: The complete work consists of a book (of which a fragment is shown here) and an architectural short film, which can be found here: https://vimeo.com/144489716
The book focuses on the relation between the short stories and the underlying theoretical ideas by integrating these as a paratext, while the film focuses on the experience of the spaces in relation to the short stories.

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